Margaret Gosler

Crema de Ibiza was founded by Margaret Gosler, international make-up artist with over 30 years of experience. Over the years, she has seen and used countless products, worked with all skin types and encountered many skin issues and allergies. She always enjoyed the fast-paced environment of live television and meeting all different people. But when she hit her fifties, the need to do something extra with all that experience accumulated over the years became stronger. She decided to take a sabbatical and packed her bags for Capetown, South Africa. There she started working out the ideas that had been spinning in her head for many years, inspired by her decades-long visits to the magical island of Ibiza. Her dreams made it into reality and Crema de Ibiza was born.

The Vision

“Ever since I started doing make-up, people have asked me the same question when sitting down in my chair; ‘What is the secret to looking good?’ For me it was always the challenge to make people look good in their own way, showing how to bring out the features that make them, well, them. I always gave them the same reply: ugly people do not exist, but lazy people do. Of course, there are some smart tips & tricks but I believe that true beauty comes from taking good care of yourself. I’ve been coming to Ibiza for over 25 years and every time I can feel the magical atmosphere when I set foot on the island. There is just something in the air, a sense of freedom and self expression, that immediately relaxes me. That feeling of ‘live and let live’ was the main inspiration for my own skincare line, taken together with personal preferences for all-natural skincare. It has always been my vision to have a short inkey list, consisting of high quality ingredients that deliver what they promise. But that road has also proven that it can be challenging to find the right combination between what is possible and what is best. I believe that it’s all about balance and I hope that Crema de Ibiza will help you find that balance between body, mind and soul.”